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PJLink Script

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to have a script that turns off your projectors, best would be to write your own windows batch file.

In the StageDesigner program folder under tools/pjlink you find a tool named pjlink_interface_windows.exe.

  • copy it along with the dll to a folder
  • inside this folder, create a textfile and name it turn_off.bat
  • open turn_off.bat with a text editor
  • write

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    pjlink_interface_windows.exe --power off --beamer
Then double click the turn_off.bat file, it should turn off the beamer with IP Inside the program folder is also a PJLink emulator, it may help you.

Happy coding!
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Re: PJLink Script

Post by Manu »

Hi Hendrik, we tried but is not working.

It can depend on the Optoma projectors... We have Optoma ZH403 projectors

They can be pinged from command prompt so they are reachable!
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Re: PJLink Script

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Can you post a screenshot of the cmd when you are sending the command?
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